Which platform and game do you use?

Playstation 4 and Gran Turismo Sport

Why so many rules?

No rules, no structure. We want to offer a good racing experience for everyone

Does SNRL have a sticker available on GT Sport?

Yes, these can be found with the following tags: snrl and snrl.nl

Why is the website in English?

Because everyone is welcome from whatever country he comes from, and can read all the necessary information

Why does SNRL have a protest form?

To offer the possibility to report unsporting behavior. The stewards review the incident and apply a penalty if necessary

Does SNRL support clean racing?

We strongly support clean and fear racing

Can I step into a competition/season halfway?

As long as there are spots available in the entrylist, yes

Are the SNRL stickers mandatory?

No it is not mandatory, but we would appreciate it if you use them during the competition

Does SNRL use voice chat during the races?
No only lobby text chat, so it is important that you follow the instructions of the host
What time does SNRL use?

On the competition page both UK and Dutch time are mentioned