From April 7th : weekly races on Sunday night

Our internal team has recently expanded, and we are very happy with this. This has given us the opportunity to host races every Sunday night instead of biweekly on Sunday night.

2 extra series
Because we will be hosting on a weekly basis, this has  created extra space in the 2019 agenda.
For the year 2019 we now have five classes in total for Sunday night instead of three and four special events spread over the year.

Calendar en competition pages
In the coming weeks, the complete calendar of 2019 will be filled in on our webiste, and the competition pages will also be added of all classes that are coming.
Unfortunately, we can not please everyone. But we have taken into account the formula 1 races that start late, and we also take into account the school summer holidays of all regions in the Netherlands and “de bouwvak vakantie”.

Sign up form
Here small adjustments will be made soon in connection with all coming classes. it will soon be possible to sign up for all new classes or per class.
This also reduces mail traffic and you only have to fill in the form once.
In short, we are always working to improve things within SNRL to offer a pleasant user experience.

Finally, we want to wish everyone success and above all a lot of fun during the competitions.

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