Int. GT4 Series

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Championship information

The International GT4 Series starts on February 23 and ends on November 30, 2019. This championship is hosted every last saturday of the month and consists of a qualification race of 10 minutes, and a main race of 30 minutes.
The Int. GT4 Series has 8 rounds of which the best 7 counts for the general points classification. As a participant you must choose a car for the entire season.
If you don’t like the car of your choice, you may change it once.
Below you will find the time schedule and other info.

Points will be given from 1st to 16th place, 1st gets 16 points, 2nd 15 and so on.
1 bonus point will be given for : pole position and fastest lap in race

Lobby open : 7:30 PM UK time | 20:30 Dutch time
Start qualify race : 8:00 PM UK time | 21:00 Dutch time
Break : 8:10 – 8:15 PM UK time | 21:10 – 21:15 Dutch time
Start main race : 8:15 PM UK time | 21:15 Dutch time

Lobby information

Lobby name : – Int. GT4 Series
Coordinator / Host : B.Verkerk (bdwvo)
Race Settings :
Start Type Qualify : Rolling
Start Type Race : Standing with false start
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tyre Wear: 3x
Fuel Depletion: 4x
Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
Balance of Performance: ON
Maximum Tyre Rating: Racing Super Soft
Minimum Tyre Rating: Racing Medium
Tuning: Prohibited
Flag Rules: On
Limit Driving Options
Countersteering Assistance: Prohibited
Active Stability Management: Prohibited
Driving Line Assist: Allowed
Traction Control: Allowed
ABS: Allowed
Auto-Drive: Prohibited

Entry list

Spots available : 2/16 – Reserve spots : * 2

B. Verkerk (bdwvo)
W. Janssen (wimpie-82)
A. Zelle (mr-dre70)
R. Bosman (Morry_B)
M.vd Berg (T_Bergsma)
M.Singer (mausio36)
R.Johnson (Rickyj1800)
 H.Nieuwland (Hamster179)
P.Barendregt (PJtje) Munck (OHHYEAHHBABY)
D.vd Spoel (DuTcH-pOwEr)
D.v Eekelen(giznav)
C.v Weert (Christ_273)
A. Nie (Eyeball-Mark-1)
Name (PSN ID)
Name (PSN ID)
* W.Rossen (MB512)
* Reserve spot
* Reserve spot
* R. Kamps (DartRalph)


Saturday Febuary 23 : Nurburgring GP
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 15:00

Saturday  March 30 : Redbull Ring Gp
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 15:15

Saturday April 27 : Monza
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 17:00

Saturday May 25 : Barcalona
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 16:30

Saturday June 29 : Brands Hatch GP
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 18:15

Summer Break : July 7th till September 1st

Saturday September 28 : Suzuka
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 14:30

Saturday October 26 : Interlagos
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 13:45

Saturday November 30 : La Sarthe
T.O.D. setting QR+R : 22:00