League information


From Sunday, February 3, 2019, every SNRL race will start immediately at 8:15 PM UK time / 21:15 PM Dutch time. If not otherwise described, a race night consists of a qualifying session of 15 min and 2 sprint races of 20 min.

At 7:30 PM UK time / 20:30 Dutch time the lobby opens for training, followed by the qualifying session at 8:00 PM UK time / 21:00 Dutch time. The first race starts at 8:15 PM UK time / 21:15 Dutch time.

After the first race there is a break of 5 minutes, at 8:40 PM UK time / 21:40 Dutch time race 2 starts in reverse order based on previous results.

All times are also mentioned on the championship page.
Please note: be in the lobby on time and follow the instructions of the host.
Who to contact

For league related enquiries or questions you can contact us at info@snrl.nl or by contacting the league coordinator / host

Example reasons to contact us could be:

  • To inform us that you’re missing a race
  • To get information about our championships
  • Technical support